A Call to Uni Students: There’s a Summer Internship Program You Need to Apply To

For all you econ or business students wanting to contribute

Bahrain’s Economic Development Board annually announces internship opportunities for the youth of Bahrain, and it’s now time to start applying to its summer internship program! You’d be gaining practical work experience while working at ‘one of the world’s most prestigious investment agencies,’ building prominent relationships and networking with individuals in the field, and really setting the pace for a bright career path. The EDB holds these internship as a way to invest in Bahrain’s youth, allowing them to explore how the EDB influences the economy of Bahrain as a whole. Essentially, it would be an investment in yourself and your future career!

Applications have started accepting applications today, and they’ll be open until the end of the month, May 31st. If your application is successful (hopefully it will be), the internship itself will start on July 1st and last until August 31st. So far, they’ve stated that the internship could take place either virtually or in person, so keep that in mind when applying! The program is open to any university students interested in gaining practical experience from some of Bahrain’s best in the industry, so it’s an opportunity not to miss out on!!

You can apply through EDB Bahrain’s website, click HERE to fill out the application.

Good luck to the students applying!

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