If You Love Candles, You Need to Check Out This Local Brand P.S. They’ve Got Jewelry Too

We’re talking about QUALITY right here

My Crafty Touch specializes in all-things-handmade with the most delicately crafted pieces. A fine collection made and curated by business owner Seema Haqiqi, using imported materials from some of the most reputable international suppliers.

You can find all kinds of jewelry and accessories here, all handmade using the best materials – which means you’re getting top-quality in all your purchases! Some of the materials used could be a mixture of leather, wire, beads, gemstones and crystals.

All in all, the best collection of materials

The best part is that the products are NOT mass produced, which means the workmanship is as real as ever and every available piece is more unique than the next.

And let’s not forget about the candles

As in, natural candles, the most authentic kind. Cup candles, glass candles and novelty candles. If you’re a good-scented candle collector or enthusiast, the icing on the cake here is that some of these are made using the finest fragrances – including exotic Arabian fragrances.

As part of their novelty collection, they even have an entire candle dessert line – with candles shaped like all kinds of treats from cupcakes to pudding to even Oreos!! We lowkey wanna eat them…

Can’t wait to get our hands on all these handmade beauties

Click HERE to visit the My Crafty Touch website to explore all your options, or send a Whatsapp to 33712100 to place an order if you’ve already found what you like!