The Arab Culture Discussion Club ‘Afikra’ Now Has Its Own Podcast And It’s Worth Tuning In To

The Arab Culture Discussion Club ‘Afikra’

There’s so much to learn about Arab culture and since many of us are spread across the world, it’s pretty easy for one to lose their connection with their roots. This is where Afikra comes in, a discussion club organized in chapters across the globe so people can learn, explore, and preserve their culture.

The name of the club is an English translation of the Arabic word meaning Idea and it was conceptualized by Mikey Muhanna first in Brooklyn, New York, now there are chapters around Bahrain, Dubai, Amman, Beirut, and more.

While they haven’t been able to meet up or host any Afikra events this year due to COVID, they were still actively hosting panel talks on their social media, and recently, they’ve expanded to the world of podcasting!

You can now tune into Afikra’s podcasts for exciting and riveting tales of the Arab culture.

Here’s Afikra taking part at ArtBAB in Bahrain in 2019

Afikra had an enriching discussion at the Bahrain Convention Centre in the Bahrain International Art Fair in the year 2019.

They have just launched the Afikra Podcast to discuss the Arab world histories and cultures

A new initiative by the organization is to release podcasts thrice a week with intellectual personalities from the world over to have enriching discussions with.

Check out a glimpse of their first Podcast with architectural enthusiast Sultan AlQassemi

In case you missed the live sessions they are available on YouTube and you can access them by clicking here.

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