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Check In on Your Loved Ones This World Mental Health Day With This Bahraini Nonprofit

World Mental Health Day

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and mental health and wellness are just as important as physical. Unless you’re at your mental best, you cannot perform at your optimum. And with help of Unknotted, you can get the help you need for free.

Mental Health Check!

Unknotted is a non-profit mental health organization based in Bahrain. Their mission is to increase awareness of mental illnesses in Bahrain, and destigmatize them, and establish the first national hotline for suicide and mental health crises. We talked with Al-johara Ahmed, the founder and Executive Director of Uknotted. Here’s what we learned:

They are a team of 7 consisting of 3 psychology degree holders, a lawyer, a business owner, and a student. And are currently looking for more volunteers to run their operations. The Volunteering application is available on our web HERE.

They launched their first service in September. Currently, their services include

  1. A free weekly mental illness support group.
  2. Booking appointments in-person on behalf of those who would like to seek treatment in the pyschiatric hospital.

Their support group has 2 modalities:

  1. Peer-to-peer sessions: are led by support group leader Elmira. Who holds a Masters in Counselling Theories.
  2. The group therapy sessions are led by NHRA licensed therapists/ psychologists and psychiatrists in Bahrain.

How does registration work for different types of sessions?

  1. Currently our peer-to-peer sessions are walk-ins.
  2. Group Therapy is announced on their instagram page in advanced with the date, time and place. Registration is done in advance. Upon registration participants recieve an annonymous google form in which they can submit their mental health history and anonymous questions. These will be addressed by the psychologist in the session. The data is only shared with the psychologist leading the session they signed up for.

How do we ensure confidentiality and providing a safe space in our support group sessions?

They require a one-time signature on our confidentiality agreement available on their web Another great advantage of the confidentiality agreement is that it is binding regardless of whether a participant no longer comes to the support group or not. All group therapy sessions are held at the Tru Circle.

They are also hosting a workshop in collaboration with La Casa Studios on the 13th of October to commemorate World Mental Health Day.

Be Safe and Take Care!

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