Check Out the Results of the First General Elections in Bahrain Held on December 12, 1973

Going back in time!

Bahrain held the 2022 parliamentary and municipality elections over the weekend with a voter turnout of 73% – the highest ever recorded since 2002! The first general elections were held in Bahrain on 12 December 1973, around 49 years ago. That year, of the 24,883 registered voters, 19,509 cast a ballot, giving a voter turnout of 78.4%. So we’re looking back today at the results of the 1973 general elections shared by Eng. Jassim Aldurazii

These results were published in Bahrain Weekly News by the Ministry of Information. Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qassem got the highest number of votes (1079) followed by the deceased Sheikh Abdul Amir Al-Jamri with (817) votes.

The first picture shows Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qasim and the late Sheikh Al-Jamri. The second shows the late Sheikh Abbas Al-Rais who won by 324 votes. The third picture is of Sheikh Ibrahim bin Salman al-Khalifa, who won by 572 votes, and with him the former Speaker of Parliament Khalifa Al-Dharani, who then won by 250 votes. And the last picture of the winners includes Mr Ali Rabee’ah, who got 573 votes, with him, the late Muhammad Jaber Sabah, getting 341 votes.


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