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This Folk Food Festival at the Heritage Village in Arad Needs to Be On Your Weekend Checklist

Folk food festival in bahrain Arad heritage village

Food is a big part of Bahrain’s culture and many other cultures. Many people gather around food to spend quality time together and talk over important or trivial fun matters. The cultural village in Arad is having this amazing cultural food festival from the heritage of Bahrain that is definitely worth checking out!

Head over to Arad’s cultural village this weekend for the best traditional Bahraini food experience! The festival is filled with amazing local dishes like Halwa, Harees, Lugaimat, Kabab, and more!

They’re also hosting a cultural competition you can join with your friends and family! Be there at 7 pm every day with our favorite hosts, artist Jasim AlSaegh and Grandfather Nabhan Fadhel Almosawi.

Join the Heritage village of Arad’s Folk Food festival so you don’t miss out on the fun! Mark your calendars on 17th Nov and until 19th Nov from 4 pm till 9 pm. Tickets are 1 BD per person upon entry.

Join the fun Folk Food Festival and discover Bahraini Heritage!

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