The Great-Granddaughter of Jacques Cartier Will Visit Bahrain This Month & Here’s All You Need to Know

Francesca cartier visiting bahrain the pearls of Bahrain

Cartier is back!

The great-granddaughter of renowned jeweler Jacques Cartier, Francesca Cartier is visiting Bahrain to meet with local officials and participate in many other activities. The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) is hosting her this month! Francesca will be attending the “Danat” pavilion at the Jewelry Arabia Exhibition where she’ll sign for the first time in the Middle East her famous book “The Cartiers”

She’ll also be giving a lecture about her family history in the Jewellery business and Mr. Cartier’s connections to Bahrain & the Arabian Gulf. Mrs. Brickell’s agenda also has her visiting Muharraq and the natural areas of diving to extract natural pearls to meet the grandchildren of the people that extracted pearls for her grandfather decades ago!

Pearls of Bahrain

Bahrain is known to attract natural pearl enthusiasts in the region and around the world as the homeland of many natural pearls. Our country in the Middle East has been home to natural pearls for thousands of years. The Bahraini people have used these pearls to make jewelry, and they have been used as currency throughout much of their history.

Pearls have been found in the waters of Bahrain since ancient times. These pearls are unique in that they are not cultured, but rather are harvested from wild oysters in the Arabian Gulf by divers. The pearl industry has been central to the economy of Bahrain for thousands of years, and it continues to be a major part of its economy today.

Shiny pearls of Bahrain!

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