You Can Now Get An Optional COVID-19 Test Done At 13 Hospitals In The Kingdom

It never hurts to get tested nowadays! While Bahraini residents are slowly getting back to some normalcy on the island and moving around more than we did the past few months, optional testing at major hospitals is a great initiative by the Kingdom.

The announcement was made by the Ministry of Health last night that 13 hospitals in Bahrain can now do the optional COVID-19 test for anyone on the island.

Scroll down below for a list of the hospitals you can get tested at

1. American Mission Hospital

WHERE: Manama
CONTACT: 17177711

2. Awali Hospital

WHERE: Awali
CONTACT: 17753333

3. Al Kindi Specialised Hospital

WHERE: Manama
CONTACT: 17488000

4. Royal Bahrain Hospital

WHERE: Qudaibiya
CONTACT: 17246800

5. Ibn Al Nafees Hospital

WHERE: Umm Al Hassam
CONTACT: 17828282 

6. Middle East Hospital

WHERE: Segaya
CONTACT: 17362233

7. Bahrain Specialist Hospital

WHERE: Manama
CONTACT: 17812222

8. Dr. Tariq Hospital

WHERE: Umm Al Hassam
CONTACT: 17822822

9. Noor Specialist Hospital

WHERE: Manama
CONTACT: 17260026

10. King Abdulla Medical City

WHERE: Segaya
CONTACT: 77310000

11. Al Salam Specialist Hospital

WHERE: Riffa
CONTACT: 13101010

12. Al Rayan Hospital

WHERE: Riffa
CONTACT: 17495500

13. KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre

WHERE: Muharraq
CONTACT: 17822123

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