Bahrain Residents Can Start Registering For The COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Now

The Ministry of Health has announced yesterday that applications are now open for Bahraini residents who are interested in volunteering for the COVID-19 clinical trials. Bahrain is one of the first countries to test this vaccine along with the UAE and China!

Just another way that the Kingdom has been outstanding with measures taken throughout the pandemic.

The announcement comes after news of Bahrain entering the third phase of testing for a potential COVID-19 vaccine following two successful phases in China

6,000 Bahraini residents can apply for the trial process of testing the World Health Organization approved vaccine, as long as they are over the age of 18, and underwent a health assessment prior.

Volunteers will be followed-up for over a period of 12 months

On the Ministry of Health site, it’s been stated that:

“The inactivated vaccine does not cause infection, but triggers an immune response producing antibodies that fight the virus, the effectiveness of the produced antibodies will be assessed as a measure of the success of the vaccine”

Applications are open through the National Volunteering Platform set up by the Kingdom.

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