Bahraini Hip Hop Artist Wrista Reveals The Story Behind His Upcoming Single

We have seen many talented creatives coming out of Bahrain this year and one example is hip-hop artist Wrista who will be dropping in his new release soon with an important message.

Scroll down for Wrista’s conversation with LocalBH on the track

Wrista tells us he starting focusing on music passionately at a young age of 15 which is super IMPRESSIVE! Not only that but he is also a TikTok star and the track was inspired by his fans on the platform who were asking him about life advice.

Commenting on that he said, “Some people ask me how I’m always so happy & joyful. When that’s not the case. Yeah I can make people laugh in my tiktoks but I’m a musician first & foremost. So, the track is about my experience with depression. Things that truly saddened me in my life, issues that I faced. Doubts that I had.”

On a further note he also added, “Our generation is becoming more and more aware of mental health & even though previous generations may disregard the idea of it even being a thing — I think our generation is doing well. People will appreciate and just feel like they’re healing themselves.”

Wrista will be working again with his long time creative partner Mahmood aka @namezbee for his upcoming track and we can’t wait to hear it!

The music video will emphasize on the importance of feelings and the fact that they come and go.

Speaking of his great teamwork with Mahmood, “When it comes to the work process — @namezbee trusts me on the audio standpoint & I trust him with the video. I have absolutely no input. I show up to the venue & he shoots and edits the video.” He went on to add, “He’s been a vital part of my life, not just as a videographer, but as someone I can confide in. That’s why the end result is so seamless. NO ONE ELSE is ever filming a music video for me. At this point we’re family.”

Watch below for a music video on the Wrista track “You Feel Me”

Wrista also spoke to us about his future plans saying “My future plan is to be the one rapper that kept it authentic, never switched up for the sake of views & truly made it out of Bahrain with English rap. That’s the dream.” We stan a passionate musician!

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