Local Artist of the Week: Madhu

Local Artist in Spotlight

Art is subjective. But every artist needs to be given credit where credit is due. And Bahrain has no shortage of talented artists specializing in various mediums. So we thought we could shine a spotlight on some of these artists, in a segment called Local Artist of the Week. Our next feature? A member of Art Attack Krew, Madhu.

Madhu is a contemporary artist and heads the brand Femvisionary. Let’s take a dive into her mind.

Local Artist of the Week

• Could you give our readers a general introduction about yourselves?
I am Madhu, the contemporary artist behind the brand Femvisionary. Born and raised in the Middle East, I have been drawing since I was a child and in 2019 I decided to start an Instagram account. This was the start of my journey as an artist and I enjoyed exploring my style. Known for my bold use of color, vibrant florals, and expressive animal paintings, I love bright combinations and usually use contrast colors within my artwork.

Currently, with 77k followers, I have had a chance to work with well-established brands around the world. 

• How and Why did you join Art Attack Krew?
I heard about Art Attack Krew when I was at Raven’s Nest for their Sketch night and I was immediately drawn to the Story behind the community. I love the idea of an artist-inspired community in Bahrain that inspires and supports each other. Moreover, I love the fact that the krew keeps each other motivated and this is something new that I had come across in Bahrain. 

Could you tell us a little about your process? How an idea ultimately becomes a finished piece?
Generally, I start with a theme for my collection. The theme I always choose is inherently special to me. My first collection last year was ” Awaken” which was inspired by the growth all of us had during the stressful pandemic time. The collection was bright with florals and each piece was inspired by a part of my journey – Gratitude, Amour, Clarity, Refresh, Merci, etc

Currently, I am working on a new collection “Liberté”, my new bird’s collection. I just started working on a set of 10 pieces and one already sold before I completed the collection. The reason this collection is so special to me is that birds signify Freedom and that word is very special to me. Freedom is such an important part of human existence, the freedom to make our own choices, the freedom to live, the freedom to be who we want to be.

And for every one of us, freedom has a special place in our hearts and that’s why this collection is so special to my heart and my soul.

•What memorable responses have you had to your work?
I host watercolor workshops. And every time I give a workshop, I get really lovely comments from my students and this always makes me excited. I love teaching and combining it with my next love – art, workshops are probably my most favorite part of being an artist. When I see my students painting florals or using watercolors when they haven’t ever tried it before, there is this special smile on their faces and that always makes me happy.

What wouldn’t you do without?
There are so many items I couldn’t live without as an artist. I think the main thing would be my watercolor paint pans.

A visionary Indeed!

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