Messi Might Be Leaving FC Barcelona And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Messi Leaving FC Barcelona

The G.O.A.T. needs no introduction because well whether you love football of not, you know exactly who it is. YES, we are talking about Lionel Messi.

He has expressed his clear decision to exit the club after the club’s biggest loss against Bayern Munich in UEFA Champions League Semi Finals where they lost 8-2.

Fans were as shocked as the team managers by Messi’s sudden decision, who has been in the club since he was a teenager. Many fans took to Twitter to express their feelings.

This loss was the most trending news online for all football fans and the news came with mixed reactions by fellow players, fans, and the management of other football clubs.

Scroll down below to check out how people have reacted to this statement

1. This tweet sure has some interesting wordplay in it

2. Another fan expressing his feelings on the expected exit of Messi

3. Heartbroken fans took to spill their hearts out over the news

4. This tweet just gave us a much needed life lesson, tbh

5. Though no sources have confirmed it, Messi seems to be in talks with other clubs, and football fans have taken no time to meme this situation!

6. Surely is an old bond that could be formed again!

Football meme pages didn’t spare an opportunity to create memes on the biggest rumor going around that Messi MIGHT join Manchester City which is managed by Pep Guardiola who was the former manager of FCB.

7. In other news, there is a fan who is literally wishing for the biggest DREAM COME TRUE for all footie fans

8. Fellow Barcelona player Carles Puyol also tweeted saying that he is supporting Leo in his decision

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