National Bank Of Bahrain Gets Forbes Recognition For Succeeding Within Pandemic

Just weeks after being awarded The Middle East’s Bank Bank Transformation Award, The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has added yet another achievement this year!

Forbes featured a study titled ‘Re-Thinking Training and Development in a Post-COVID World: A Case Study’ written by Forbes contributor Mark Nevins and General Manager of EMIC Training Mohamed Matar that recognizes the efforts of the bank to succeed during the pandemic, and in it, the National Bank of Bahrain was mentioned.

For more details check out the the NBB website.

NBB made prompt efforts to switch to e-learning and virtual assistance to sustain themselves in recent times

With the pandemic taking a toll on almost every sector possible, NBB strategically planned to include every member within their growth strategies and grow comprehensively by providing training modules. What a great way to put Bahrain on the map!

For more details of the case study, visit the article on Forbes.

The National Bank of Bahrain Won This Year’s Award For ‘The Middle East’s Best Bank Transformation’

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