Spotlight! Get Transported to Bedouin Times With This Book by Local Poet Gezlan

Expression through poetry!

Poet Gezlan’s passion for writing started with sharing her thoughts and poems in blogs in the year 2008. Her book of Bedouin poems was inspired by the long periods she lived camping in the dessert and is a heartfelt reflection of her life experiences.

What is Bedouin poetry?

Bedouin women’s oral poetry is known as Nabati poetry, a term referring to a poetic genre, composed in Bedouin dialects, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle. Bedouins (or Bedawi in Arabic) are a semi-nomadic group of desert-dwellers who traversed the sands and the oldest inhabitants of the Arabian desert. 

Ebtisam Aldoseri presents to you her collection of Nabatean poems, where each poem relies on a Nabatean meter and melody that sings to it through her book of translated Bedouin poems, The Book of Poet Gezlan!

Let’s explore a few snippets from her book inspired by Arabian heritage

Arabic coffee
My love, can you look at me a little bit, I ask you so answer me, you are gorgeous, but for whom, for me?

He asks with dignity
He asks about me every day with dignity, when I coincidence with him he says I was passing by for the prayer

Don’t go away
Don’t go away don’t leave me in confusion between East and West I lost the North

If you love ancient poetry and are interested in reading translated Bedouin poems, grab your e-book on You can also check out her website for updates on Part 2 of The Book of Poet Gezlan!

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