This 5-Year-Old Local Dreams of Becoming An Astronaut & We’re On Board

This is the most heartwarming thing we’ve heard of in a while

Adam is a 5-year-old space enthusiast, with big dreams of becoming an astronaut by the age of 20!! He an Instagram page FILLED with everything space-related, videos where he talks about the information he’s gathered so far – at only 5-years old! He gives us fun facts and full-on lessons about different asteroids, comets and planets – in the most adorable way… It’s safe to say we’re amazed and SUPER impressed.

If that isn’t crazy enough, Adam is even a part of the Bahrain Youth Astronomical society, Space Magica and the International Organization of Aspiring Astronauts – he’s REALLY paving his way to becoming an astronaut.

We’re in awe

HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa even had a chat with Adam about his dreams

They had a talk about Adam’s hopes for the future, and the 5-year-old even shared some of his extensive knowledge about space! HH Sheikh Nasser posted about their encounter on Instagram, saying some heartwarming things himself:

Adam is a 5 year old Bahraini genius. He is full of knowledge about space with a dream to become an astronaut at the age of 20. He taught me things about space that I never knew. MashaAllah 🤲🏼 I would like to congratulate his super mother for the way she brought him up. Im sure all her effort, sweat, and tears will pay back one day. 🙏🏼 I’ve also told him 2 things:

1. Let your hopes shape your future.

2. I’m with you till the end. And one day when you are up there in space, I will talk to you and show you the art work you presented to me InshaAllah. Atleast something that’ll make your fellow astronauts laugh. 😉

Upwards and Onwards 🇧🇭

HH Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa

Well, Adam, we’re following along your journey and can’t wait to watch you go out to space.

Upwards & onwards, Adam!

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