This Half Bahraini Duo is Releasing a New Track Tomorrow & We Can’t Wait

New track alert!

You guys know Majid Jordan right? They’re a half Bahraini half Canadian Hip Hop duo that’s currently signed to OVO. Yes that OVO – Drake’s label. Well, they’ve been a little quiet for a while but they just came out with a very exciting announcement.

The duo is currently working on finishing their next album, but not without giving us a little sneak peek first. You can watch their full announcement in the video below:

Their all-new track called, “Waves of Blue” comes out tomorrow – April 9 and we’re super excited to listen. If you can’t wait until then though, you can always check out the loads of music they have out already. We personally recommend the entire “The Space Between” album.

…also, if Majid Jordan’s reading this – can you guys come back and preform in Bahrain?


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