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If You’re Looking for a Low-Key Hang, Check Out This Game Night With the Misfits

Support local!!

The Misfits is a community of locals in Bahrain of all sorts of interests, gathering for the main objective of creating a safe space for people to come together in a completely laidback setting. The community exists specifically to be a home for those who feel out of place in any sense, and brings people together amidst different social events – you’ve got Poetry night, Common Table, weekly game nights and there are the occasional creative workshops that you can attend!

The Misfits are gathering at Wheelys cafe in Ishbilia Center tonight, for a game of Uno Flip! Some healthy competition AND you get to meet some cool new people. It’s completely free of charge, with 6 people allowed per table. Coffee and games – a combo we honestly can’t resist…

WHERE: Wheelys Cafe, Ishbilia Center
WHEN: Every Thursday, 7pm-9pm

Get your (card & caffeine) game on

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