11 Things You Wouldn’t Believe Happened 10 Years Ago

2011 was a crazy time – it was also… 10 years ago. The iPhone 4 was out, Instagram had just launched and Lady Gaga’s dress (from the year before) had just turned into Jerky, and we got these pop culture moments:

Will & Kate got married

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got married – for 72 days…

So did Bella & Edward (on Breaking Dawn pt. 1)

Rebecca Black turned into a meme with Friday

Siri made her debut on the iPhone 4s

Lady Gaga’s meat dress made it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Adele made us all cry with this song

And all the middle schoolers were dancing to LMFAO

Oprah said goodbye to her talk show

Bridesmaids came out

So did the last movie of the Harry Potter series

What the hell??? Is that really what went down a decade ago?


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