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There’s A Mac ‘N Cheese Pop-Up In Muharraq Tonight & It’s All Blue Everything

Has mac & cheese always looked this good?

The blue, guys. It’s coming through. We honestly don’t think we’ve ever seen such aesthetically pleasing mac ‘n cheese before, and we just don’t understand. ‘Smac’ is basically an exclusive mac ‘n cheese pop-up that was happening this weekend & today is the last day – which means you gotta hurry!!!

They’ve got this whole blue crates vibe going on and, well, we’re vibing. They’ve even git spicy Mattay mac ‘n cheese AND tikka mac ‘n cheese!! We just know everyone’s flocking there for these flavors – us included…

Don’t sleep on this, we don’t know when it’s coming back….

WHEN: 6pm to midnight
WHERE: Sa’ada Waterfront, car park rooftop (3rd floor)

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