Bahraini Directors Win Big at Saudi Arabia’s Wa’ai Awards & We’re Super Proud!

Nehal, Hashim Sharaf Bahraini director won awards

Meet the Bahraini directors Hashim and Nehal!

We’re so proud of our two young local talents. They just won two big awards for their creative ideas and short film at the Wa’ai Awards 5th season! Wa’ai Awards is organized by Saudi Arabia and aim to encourage Arabs on producing creative content.

Hashim Sharaf has won 2nd place in the short film track

Nehal has won 2nd place in the creative ideas track

Congratulations to our directors on this big achievement, as it’s notable to mention that Bahrain won two awards among 15 countries! Make sure to support our local talent by following Hashim and Nehal on Instagram.

A truly remarkable achievement!

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