Heartwarming! These Locals Are Collecting Gergaoon Treats to Share With Less Fortunate Kids on Eid

As fun, yum, and entertaining Gergaoon is, it’s got to be overwhelming to have a huge amount of treats and snacks at home! Wondering what to do with all of them? Make the less fortunate children happy by donating your Gergaoon to these two local groups – Kind Kl Youm and Art Commune!

You can drop off your Gergaoon at Artology or give it to one of the groups anytime until April 22nd, 2022!

These groups are going to distribute all the Gergaoon you donate to less fortunate kids during Eid! Imagine the smiles you’re going to put on those little faces!

Spread your love and bring joy to these kids this Eid!!

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