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Mental Health Matters! Here’s a Guide to Some of the Best Therapists You Can Seek Help From in Bahrain

Mental Health Matters

The world marks Mental Health Awareness Month in May. And we believe, no matter the day or time, your emotional well-being is always a priority. The world has come a really long way in addressing and accepting the fact that mental health awareness is important. And even if it seems difficult at first, normalizing mental health issues is a must!

We know it’s easier said than done. But as the world moves faster with time, it’s also necessary for all of us to take a step back once in a while and check-in with ourselves. No matter how active your life may be, if you’re struggling with emotional challenges, stress, grief, anxiety, or depression, a little help could go a long way in moving you from struggle to healing.

The best way to thrive in today’s overwhelming world is to help yourself and take care of yourself.

Your busy life may not leave you much time to come up with practices that can help you every day. And that’s why we’ve compiled a few tips from some of Bahrain’s trusted psychologists and psychotherapists for you. These self-care tips can take you a long way in helping yourself be more in tune with your emotions and maintain a healthy mind!

So scroll on below to check out these quick tips and if you’re looking for further support to deal with your challenges, check out their contact information and book an appointment to get the help you deserve. Remember, seeking help is a brave step towards a healthy mind and body.

Write down your thoughts

Dr. Mariam Alammadi, Founder of the Child & Family Foundation shares that her favorite tip for mental health is something that you can start doing immediately – writing down your thoughts. “Take five minutes in the day either when you first wake up or before you sleep to put pen to paper and write down your thoughts, your feelings, your mood that day, and any ideas you have,” says Dr. Alammadi.  

Writing your thoughts down can help in many ways. You can track your daily mood, and note patterns of behavior or habits, and it’s a great resource to share with a therapist if and when you decide to choose the path. “Noting your thoughts down is a safe way to work through your feelings. And it encourages mindfulness while helping you identify your emotional triggers,” says Dr. Alammadi.

Child & Family Foundation Center provides awareness of mental health throughout the MENA Region. And they focus on giving their patients a healthy foundation to grow from and prosper personally, academically, and professionally.  

Contact: +973 39019001 | Location: Umm Al Hassam

Be nice to yourself

Self-care has different approaches. And the comfort you find in putting a bunch of small practices together cannot be matched! “Be nice to yourself. Connect with others. Prioritize sleep. Focus on small steps daily. Be nice to yourself (Yes, we said it twice; it’s that important!),” says Razan Shaheen at Insights Therapy & Collective.

This therapy center in Bahrain can help you with resolving childhood issues or distressing events in your life. They’re also equipped with helping you deal with anxiety and depression, making sense of a lack of motivation, and gaining a sense of purpose or belonging.

Contact: +973 77949000 | Location: West Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbor

Practice physical, emotional, and social self-care

Dr. Anne Mostafa, a therapist and founder of Element Inc., says, “We like to divide self-care into three main categories: physical, emotional, and social. We recommend that each person practices one thing from each category every day to help maintain a healthy mind.”

Physical self-care activities include stretching, walking, eating nourishing food, and rest.
Emotional self-care activities include relaxation techniques, listening to music, and creative activities.
Social self-care activities include spending time with friends and family, consuming positive media or happy news, and sharing ideas.

Element Inc. supports you with psychological and psychiatric approaches. Founded by Dr. Anne Mostafa, the therapy center focuses on a number of issues like addiction, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Contact: +973 66929422 | Location: Amwaj Islands

Therapy centers around the Kingdom

Bahrain is brimming with psychologists ready to help you through different approaches. All you need to know is whom to contact and what’s the best approach for you. The list below includes just some of the names of credible and well-established therapy centers in the Kingdom that you can check out and book an appointment with:

Family Matters Counseling Center

Adults can access individual, couples, and family therapy. Family Matters also provides a life coaching facility and you could join a support group to meet like-minded individuals navigating through similar challenges. Family Matters also provides therapy for children and teenagers in the areas of speech, relationship, behavior, and career support.

Contact: +973 17472347

Head & Heart Psychotherapy and Counseling Centre

This counseling center combines different services that will help you navigate through emotional difficulties, family conflicts, anxiety, depression, separation issues, parenting, and trauma. Check out their Instagram page for more information and for some affirming thoughts!

Contact: +973 17590800

Reach Behavior & Development Center

Reach works with schools and families to help children of all ages with a range of learning and behavioral challenges. This includes Autism, ADHD, development delays, etc. They help children develop skills and strategies that enable them to be happy and independent. And it’s one of the first centers in Bahrain to be a Behavioural Health Center of Excellence.

We love our community of LocalBH readers and this list is dedicated to each one of you! If you’re struggling, know that there’s always help ready to be provided to you. And no matter what your struggle is, taking that step towards getting help is always a matter of pride!

We hope this article helps you as much as it made us happy bringing the info to you! If you know of other great therapists in the Kingdom, feel free to drop us a comment.

You’ve got this!

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