The Bahraini Teenage Business That’s Advocating For Environmental Change

Yes, a teenager started this business!


Support local!

This Bahrain-Based business supplies 100% reusable and sustainable items, in an effort to contribute to our environment by selling zero-waste products.

This great initiative was started by a 16-year old who wanted to continue driving awareness to the cause, and hoping to make a change!!

Plastic Cure offers different products from stainless-steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes to reusable grocery bags and much more!

As if all of that wasn’t already impressive, this business also gives back to the community. For example, these masks were made in support of ADHD awareness month (October), and the proceeds go towards helping a family whose child has ADHD, to aid with therapy and medication costs.

We love it when our youth stand up for a cause, and this is the best example of it!

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