This Is Your One Stop Shop For All-Things-Khaleeji Dance

If you’ve been wanted to learn the know-how for any khaleeji dance, you’ve stumbled across the right place

There’s something very organic about dance in itself, not to mention magical as well when it comes to cultural dances. You get a new taste and essence that you won’t quite find in other forms of dances.

Let Us Dance Khaleeji is basically your one stop shop for anything ‘khaleeji dance’ related. It was founded by Shareefa Al Zayani, a local Bahraini who wanted to teach young girls more about the cultural arts that locals typically pay attention to.

There are dances that we’re sad to say we’re not familiar with, so we clearly need to get hustling with our khaleeji dance lingo

To be super specific, these are the dances you’ll find with Let Us Dance Khaleeji: Samery, Besta, Shakshaka ,Muradah, Leywa and Timboora.

Shareefa is currently freelancing as a dance instructor, teaching at the Bahrain Ballet Center in Barbar as well as Almardi studio in Um Al Hassam. Not only that, but Shereefa even teaches group or individual classes, AND arranges ‘Dance Along’ classes for girls at any parties.

Time to get your khaleeji dance on, girls