This Local Artist’s New Release Is Featured on TikTok’s Trending Playlists

Wrista’s in the Spotlight again!!

Bahraini hip-hop artist, Wrista dropped his latest single just a few days ago. Enta Min (Who are you?) is already featured on TikTok Spotlight and other trending playlists – Arabic Hip Hop and New Music!

A celebrated new age music artist in the Kingdom, Wrista started focusing on music passionately at the age of 15!! Wrista started his journey by using music as a means by which he could express himself. One beat led to another, and it turned into a series of passion projects he couldn’t walk away from.

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His latest song dropped on May 4th. And TikTok’s #EidPreps campaign featured Enta Min.

Super proud of our local artists for transforming the music landscape!!