This Young Bahraini’s Short Films Are Turning Heads In The Film Industry

We’ll say it again – SUPPORT LOCAL!


There are young people in Bahrain who have JUST scratched the surface of ‘life’ itself, and are already paving paths for an awesome future!

Turki AlQahtani is a 20 year old videographer who’s been working on some award-winning (literally) short films, and we’re not the only ones who have noticed! He’s actually a Marketing & Management student, but his creative passions are shining and he’s definitely channeling his talent!

Turki was recognized by many in the film industry, and his recent short film “What’s Never Created or Destroyed” won “Best Cinematography” and was shortlisted for “Best Post-Production” at the 47th National Student Television Awards!!

He’s worked on some pretty cool stuff all by his own creative direction, like this trippy short video inspired by a broken window & empty AC opening he walked past…

Creativity can spark anywhere and any time, right?

Don’t forget this short featuring Manama! For what started as a hobby in middle school, Turki took his creative ideas and really went for it – and he’s making it BIG in the industry right now!

Local talent over everything, always

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