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We’ve Been Hunting For Spots To Work And Study At & Here Are Our Top 15

Isn’t it a universal thing that, wherever you work, the one constant should be coffee?

Sounds about right to us… We keep looking for the best spots to work at, with good food, great coffee and a setting that at least makes us FEEL productive. We’ve found quite a few gems and compiled them for you – check them out:


With a baked goods selection to DIE for, and one of the best cups of coffee you’ll find in Bahrain. Once you’ve entered, it’s honestly so hard to leave. Make sure you get there a little early to find a table!

7T House

This spot is tucked away in Karbabad, close to Seef area, and it’s one of those hidden gems that we kinda wanna keep to ourselves… In any case, it’s too cute not to share with you all, so check it out. And, all you tea lovers, this is literally for you.

Espresso Cafe

The vibes in here are made for being productive. It’s so spacious, not too busy of a location and they have some of the BEST za’atar croissants on the island! (Red Croissant, we haven’t forgotten about you).


Great for chilling, working and there’s a whooole story that comes with the way they source and make the coffee here!

Black 22

The GEM of Riffa, really. A great coffee bar in there, you can find a good spot to work from whether you’re upstairs, downstairs OR outside. If you love your sweet-tooth, try their crinkle cookies!!!

Higher Grounds

This spot was basically made to study or work at. Great food, views for days, and the seating is laid out JUST right.

Caribou Coffee

Breakfast meeting? Or… maybe just breakfast? We’re suddenly craving all the croissants on the island… Caribou will probably always be a classic go-to spot to work at.

Coffee Republic

Again, another classic! They’ve got private meeting rooms in there, too, for the ones going in there to REALLY hustle with your team.

Crust & Crema

Honestly, the menu in here is so distracting, you’ll probably spend your time primarily eating… BUT, when you’re full, you’ll get to it. It counts.

Innovation Coffee House

This spot is set up around the most funky-looking furniture, it’s a whole vibe. Everything you see (or sit on), you can also literally buy. SO COOL. Many private nooks & crannies in here, as well, you just need to explore!!


Some of the best açai bowls on the island!! And, if you’re a banana bread enthusiast, this needs to be your next stop! Everything in here is so earthy and warm, it’s basically made of relaxation. You can even watch people fighting in a football game right outside, too…

Starbucks (…all of them)

Or, most of them anyways!! We’ve all studied or worked at at least 5 different Starbucks branches in Bahrain (or any other country tbh) haven’t we?

The Dot

This spot is the definition of spacious, with multiple floors and soo many couches – you’ll be very comfortable – and their menu is a definite plus!


So many drinks to choose from in here, and some good food!! Wheelys is made for community – with countless art pieces on the walls and top class baristas serving the best coffee!

Mug Coffee Roasters

This spot in Gravity Village, Zallaq is pretty big – it’s also not too crowded, so you’ll get some peace and quiet while you work. Also, they brew some pretty strong, much needed coffee!!

BONUS: Diwan Hub

Then we’ve got this co-working hub in Adliya, where you can literally book your office space for the day, and they’ve got other membership plans as well!! Not only that – The Orangery has set up shop in there, so you can get some quality coffee and GREAT food.

BONUS: Space340

Another co-working space and community hub! Space340 even hosts different workshops from time to time, so you’re really getting that community engagement in here. There are two locations you can work at: Diplomatic Area and Jasra!

A bunch of these spots have made us SUPER productive – we hope it helps you, too!!

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