8 Ways To Celebrate YOU On World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day Celebrate


Today is World Gratitude Day! Even though you don’t need just ONE day out of the year to feel grateful, today is an important reminder to slow down and think about what you have.

This year has been an absolute whirlwind to say the least for everyone worldwide and we’ve had to seriously adjust to new routines! Of course it hasn’t been easy for many and this is a good day to take time out of your day to pause and reflect on the past year, and appreciate life.

Celebrate today and the power of gratitude by doing one of these awesome activities below!

1. Listen to Women’s Power Podcast to feel empowered and inspired

Bahraini entrepreneur Wafa Obaidat sits down with influential women in each episode and their conversations are truly uplifting and motivating! Check it out on the drive home or even for an hour after work.

2. Spend 15 minutes on meditation

Trust us, you’ll feel sooo much better! This practice of stillness will help relax your mind and balance out your energy. Check out the video below for a good meditation.

3. Journal your thoughts down

Spend a few minutes writing down your thoughts on paper or your Notes app! It’ll help clear your mind. Write down positive affirmations, your favourite quotes, things you’ve done this year you’re proud of, etc. It’s a great way to show yourself some gratitude.

4. Go for a walk by the beach and clear your mind

Nothing like a walk by the beach to connect with nature and clear your mind! If you’re able to, walk by the beach (we’ve got AMPLE of spots in Bahrain) around sunset, but just anytime would suffice as the sound of waves crashing and moving is super therapeutic.

5. Treat yourself to a healthy meal

They say you are what you eat! So treat yourself to something delicious and nutritious for a fantastic wellness practice. We love this spot Poke Kafe that you can try or check out some other healthy spots here.

6. Watch a nature documentary

Instead of binge-watching Money Heist on Netflix, look up a nature/animal documentary to appreciate the beauty of the world! Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routines we miss out on the nature that’s constantly going on around us. So this is a gentle reminder to zoom out.

7. Cook your own dinner tonight

Cooking is actually super therapeutic! Grab whatever ingredients are in your kitchen and get inspired to make something from scratch, or follow a recipe you’ve always wanted to try out. Check out these recipes here for some inspo.

8. Say ‘Thank You’ to you

And most importantly, thank yourself! You’ve carried yourself this long and through a PANDEMIC! Shoutout to you.


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