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Check Out These 10 Local Spots for Some Ramadan-Themed Treats

The wonders of futoor!

We sit here, behind the screen, with empty stomachs and too many torturous photos of all these Ramadan goods. We thought we’d share a few of them with you, just to share the hunger! Stop by these 10 local spots after futoor, or even before if you wanna be ready for some Ramadan-themed dessert early! Scroll through to check them out:

Café Chantilly

Imagine wishing someone Ramadan Kareem with this beauty right here!
Contact: 17200071 or WhatsApp 38832424

Lilou Artisan Patisserie

BRB munching on some Greek Pistachio Macaroon from futoor to suhoor!
Contact: 1771 5370

Cake Boutique

We suggest you gift yourself a box of goodies from Cake Boutique!
Contact: WhatsApp 3600 8868

Dose Café 

Dreaming about Baqlawa Cheesecake!
Contact: WhatsApp 3937 3784

Red Croissant Bakery

You can never go wrong with Luqaimat.
Order here

Roast Coffee Roastery

The hero of the house, latte cake is back!
Contact: 1745 6006

Too Bakery

Yes guys, taking things to a whole other level, TOO Bakery has a moon cake for you! We’re loving the creativity here but check with them since only limited pieces are available!
Contact: DM

Le Chocolat

Coconut Blossom Bites anyone?
Contact: WhatsApp 6662 2110


It doesn’t get any better than a moon-themed Ramadan cake!
Contact: WhatsApp 3611 6313

Koko Cakes and Bakes

A special Konafa Mix Tray for your Ramadan gatherings!
Contact: here

Happy Ramadan Binge-ing!

But also – eat slow and take care…

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