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Check Out This Spot in Riffa for the Bookworm and Coffeeholic in You

For the love of coffee and books

Honestly, Bahrain doesn’t lack good coffee shops but if we do need a good hybrid spot for coffee and books, Neo Books and Coffee has an amazing selection of some of the best English and Arabic books around, from heavy hitters such as Stephen King to the latest and greatest releases. Its warm and relaxing atmosphere makes it the right place for word lovers to lay back and enjoy a good book and a great cuppa.

Choose a book and order your fave cup of coffee, sit back and relax while enjoying the great vibe. Not just coffee tho, they have amazing desserts and even special gift bags for the perfect present for your fave people! Do check out Neo Books and Coffee with a bunch of your friends asap!

Located In Riffa Palms their Scandinavian-inspired interiors and graffiti on the walls will take you to a whole other world. What are you waiting for?

A must visit!

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