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Our Fave Local Bakery Just Opened Up Its First Cafe In Juffair Square

A French-style family-owned bakery that’s literally everywhere right now


They say that good things come in red boxes, and we can confirm it… Red Croissant Bakery is one of the most high-end yet affordable bakeries in Bahrain, with some of the most DELICIOUS baked goods we’ve had on the island. The bakery, which already has 4 branches running since it opened in late 2019, JUST opened its very first cafe!!! It’s already drawing in crowds (socially distanced, of course) over at Juffair Square, with a whole outdoor seating area for you to have baked-goods heaven on a plate.

Baked with allll the love

It’s a super local, family-run bakery, so you can practically taste the love in every single thing you get over there!!! They have a finely crafted and very unique menu, with a mix of sweet and savory picks – so, many many flavors coming in. You honestly have to be careful here, ’cause most of the items are sized to be consumed by the DOZEN – which will probably happen… Croissants, cookies, brownies, macarons, mini donuts, eclairs, EVERYTHING – and it’s all delicious.

RCB food trucks on the way

Oh, and RCB has its very own food trucks ready to be stationed around the island pretty soon!! The first truck is officially open over in Diplomatic Area, and it’s the fanciest-looking food truck – not to mention the ONLY food truck in the area!! It’s up & running daily from 6:30am-3pm, so everyone working/living in the area is about to get the best breakfast, coffee and treats over there.

Pro tip: scarf down as many donuts as you can – they get sold out in a BLINK.

Happy binge-ing!

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