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There’s A New Pop-Up Restaurant In Adliya & There Seems To Be A Glitch Somewhere

And a very interesting menu concept

Glitch is the newest pop-up in town, and it’s featuring some food concepts we haven’t yet caught anywhere else…. It’s set up over in Adliya, across from Blaze Burgers and Plated, and it has a very red & glitch-y vibe going on – an entire walk-through installation where you can have a few interesting meals. It’s youthful, energetic and is an entire experience from the moment you walk in!!

And, for dessert?

Soap on a sponge. For real. I mean, it’s edible but it looks the part, trust us. They’ve got another item on the set menu, brisket mashed potatoes in a waffle cone and it honestly all looks so good (yes, the soap & sponge included).

It’ll be up and running on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you go over to Adliya and check it out!!

WHERE: Adliya
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, 6-11pm

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