10 Photos That Show What Life Was Like In Bahrain In The Last Century

Taking you waaay back this Friday

The roots of Bahrain are all culture and heritage, no matter how the times change. What’s amazing are the photos left behind that show just how much life has changed on our island, and we’ve compiled a few to take you back in time for a bit!! These may invoke a bit of unusual nostalgia, but also a lot of pride for how far our country has come. Scroll through to check them all out:

What ‘going to the cinema’ used to be like

Bapco Cinema used to set up in different villages and towns to show educational films, and you can see just how many people used to gather up to watch, no matter what was playing. It was basically like a pop-up, but vintage!!

Swimming in one of the old Ains

Natural Springs used to be present all over the kingdom and the locals didn’t just use them for entertainment, they were a very important source of water!

A mobile blood bank

A mobile blood bank unit all the way back in 1975.

An old dukkan

Little shops like these were more than just a business, people would gather and socialize in the dukkans as a part of their daily routine! You can still find many local dukkans (modern-day term: baradas, basically), but these older ones had their own vibes!!

Bahraini workers from a gas company, 1945

This picture was taken for Life Magazine in the 1940’s, Bahraini workers building the pipelines that were so important to our economy!

A cross-roads

We used to drive on the other side of the road back then!!!

All our old bank notes

A line-up to show how Bahraini money changed over the years – back at a time where we had 100 FILS notes!! If you ask people what they prefer today, it’s basically BenefitPay over everything…

The famous Ain Athari

Probably the most well known and largest natural spring in Bahrain. Ain Athari was a destination – people would come here from all over the island just to experience it!

A Honda for-sale sign

This car was only 500 BHD at the time and was marketed towards women who worked, especially teachers

Playground games, way back then

No screens, just vibes.

Is it normal to feel nostalgic for a time we never knew…?

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