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This Local Ice Creamery Is Getting Us Ready For Summer With the Best Flavors

One of the best ways to beat the heat

You know, with summer around the corner and all! Our luck is looking up because Bahrain’s been blessed with Glacial – a local artisan ice creamery that’s providing us with unique handcrafted flavors. We’re talking about some of the best dessert mash-ups we’ve seen so far.

Their Ramadan flavor alone, is worth checking out. It’s called Flaky Cardamom and it’s got all the flavors you’d want in a Ramadan dessert. Just listen to this: White chocolate, cardamom, baklava AND dark chocolate, all bound together in a pint of ice cream. We honestly can’t think of anything more delicious!

Their menu staples are also super intriguing! With the most unique names – they’ve got: The Gooey Mud, White Strawberry, Choco Block, and Crunchy Almond.

You can get all these goods at Food Lab Riffa & Nenas Galali or just DM Glacial on their Instagram page to order!

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