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We Asked You What Your Favorite Tikka Joint Is And Here’s What You Answered

Tikka is definitely one of the essential grubs in Bahrain


We asked you guys, on our stories, what your favorite tikka joint was. We got a lot of responses and here are your picks:

Sabr Ayoob

Sabr Ayoob is a classic spot in Bahrain – their chicken tikka is just amazing! You can’t go wrong with this one!

Tren Tren

Tren Tren is where it’s really at with locals. It’s super flavorful and a favorite amongst food bloggers! Seriously, we got dozens of Tren Tren lovers!!

Tikka Ameen

Tikka Ameen is a staple. They even have food trucks called Tikka2Go with a modernized take on tikka!

Tikka Abul

Tikka Abul has amazing beef tikka and so many locations around the island – definitely one to check out if you haven’t already!

Al Ramlah

This spot is a hidden gem (but not really, cause everyone just know) – people really love their lamb chops and kebab as well. A versatile shop!!


Danial is a convenient spot- you can even order it’s food on Talabat! Tip: Get their baba ganoush – to die for!!!

Al Dar

The newest upscale tikka restaurant that also has shisha! It serves some of the best tikka around!

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