If You Didn’t Already Know: This Egyptian Puppet Now Has a Netflix Series

Puppets making it big

You’ve probably come across the puppet with the super sharp tongue and no-fear vibe, but in case you didn’t, Abla Fahita has been a pretty popular comedy talkshow on TV for quite some time now. The character was first introduced back in 2010 actually, but turned many heads in the industry only over the past few years. It featured celebrities for a night full of laughs and talks, but has now worked its way up to being more than just a talkshow – the show made its official Netflix debut!

Abla Fahita: Drama Queen is the name of the series on Netflix, which actually became one of the top 10 trending shows in multiple countries in the Middle East. The series features some popular Egyptian stars, like Bassem Samra, Donia Maher and Osama Abdallah – we’re clearly in for some laughs.

You can watch the official trailer of the series below:

Oh, and when we said its been “turning heads,” we mean that its even been featured on Vogue Arabia… The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief had a full interview with Abla herself, discussing all her recent “ventures.” The interview ended up turning into a pretty humorous skit – they even placed a bet over whether Christian Louboutin is French or Egyptian, which ended with Abla winning and becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine instead… Check it out below:

You can check out the show’s Instagram page for all the updates:

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