Highlight: You’ll Find Pieces by Andy Warhol & Picasso at This Gem in Manama

And all our fave local artists

The gem of Manama. The Merchant House is Bahrain’s one and only 5-star boutique hotel, nestled into a Souq Manama wall. Would you ever expect it? Absolutely not. Is it marvelous? Absolutely.

The hotel has been around for a few years now, and one of its many unique features is the MASSIVE art collection throughout the entire hotel, basically hung on all walls and surfaces. Amidst that collection, you’ll find some unique pieces from renowned international artists – for example:

The Marilyn Dyptych by Andy Warhol

Picador Bull Bullfighting Horse by Picasso

And that’s not all, the hotel features pieces by Henri Matisse, Damien Hirst, Gaugin, Chagall and Toulouse-Lautrec. Of course, these iconic pieces are nestled amongst many local highlights – seeing as culture and heritage remain the spotlight and main focus of the hotel. As you walk in, you’re welcomed by a column entirely hand-painted by local artist Mustafa Al Halwachi – check it out:

Love to see Bahrain, its hidden gems and local talent highlighted in one spot!

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