This Globally Celebrated Martial Arts Group Is Set to Perform in Bahrain for the First Time

Martial Arts

On account of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Korea and Bahrain, the Korean embassy in Bahrain is organizing a martial arts show, in collaboration with Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Bahrain Combat Sports Council, General Sports Authority, and Bahrain Taekwondo Federation. For the first time ever, the KUKKIWON demonstration team will perform in Bahrain on the 25th and the 26th of November.

KUKKIWON demonstration team was a famous contestant at ‘America’s Got Talent’ and earned global recognition with amazing demonstration of the art, such as jumps and flips and agile tricks. We’re super stoked to witness this amazing art form live in our own Kingdom.

The event will continue for 2 days, 25th and the 26th of November at Bahrain Table Tennis Association Hall B in Isa Town. Entry is free admission for green shield holders.

Ready to witness?

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