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Work or Study at These 5 Spots in Bahrain That’ll Make You Feel Productive

Isn’t it a universal thing that, wherever you work, the one constant should be coffee?

That sounds about right to us! We keep looking for the best spots to work at, with good food, great coffee, and a setting that at least makes us FEEL productive. We’ve found quite a few gems and compiled the top 5 for you – check them out:


With a baked goods selection to DIE for, and one of the best cups of coffee you’ll find in Bahrain. Once you’ve entered, it’s honestly so hard to leave. Make sure you get there a little early to find a table!

7T House

This spot is tucked away in Karbabad, close to the Seef area, and it’s one of those hidden gems that we kinda wanna keep to ourselves… In any case, it’s too cute not to share with you all, so check it out. And, all you tea lovers, this is literally for you.

Espresso Cafe

The vibes in here are made for being productive. It’s so spacious, not too busy of a location and they have some of the BEST za’atar croissants on the island! (Red Croissant, we haven’t forgotten about you).

Higher Grounds

This spot was basically made to study or work at. Great food, views for days, and the seating is laid out JUST right.

V60 Speciality Coffee

The new Bahrain Bay branch of V60 Speciality Coffee is a great place to study and work in peace with special quiet rooms and great coffee!

Happy to help!

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