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We Asked You to Name Your Fave Spot for Mandi in Bahrain and Here Are Your Top Picks

A list of your faves!

We’re back with a list of your faves and today it’s all about our fave mandi! Mandi is a traditional dish that originated from Yemen, consisting mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of spices! The soft rice coupled with juicy meat, we’re drooling already! So let’s just get straight to the point and check out your picks!

Al Romansiah

Ready for a plate of chicken mandi? We know we are! Al Romansiah made it to the top of the list and we’re not surprised!

Mohammed Noor Bokhari 

Mohammed Noor Bokhari needs no intro, for real!

Sama Aldeerah

Nothing better than some mandi from Sama Aldeerah!

Almajles Cafe

Some chicken mandi is always a good idea!

Mandy Alehsa

Soft fluffy rice topped with juicy chicken, yes please!

Nahdi Mandi

As they say, ‘super delicious!’

Reef Alyemen

Brb drooling!


Our dinner is sorted!

Abul Qasmi

Heading over asap!

We know what we’re having for dinner!

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