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This Coffee-Gaming Hybrid Is a Go-to Spot for a Laidback Weekend in Bahrain

Coffee while you win!

Playing board or card games with friends is honestly all we want to unwind during the weekend. Add in a good cup of coffee and we’re sorted! We have a spot in Bahrain that does justice to what we call a ‘laidback weekend’, Air Coffee & Game Lounge is where you need to be!

Super cool interior and a great place to just relax with a bunch of your friends. They offer great selections of hot and cold coffees, refreshments, desserts, and so much more. Grab a box of cinnamon rolls too, please!

They also have Gather Boxes, all the more reason to check it out! Air Coffee & Game Lounge is located in La Fontaine, Alsayh and to place a car order you can contact, 3726 2648.

Weekend is here!

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