You Need to Check Out This Spot in Bahrain for the Cutest Pearl Jewellery

Authentic Bahraini pearls

Along with all the other great reasons, Bahrain is famously known for natural pearls and has amazing historical references in regards to pearls. With our pearl earrings being passed on from one generation to the next in the British Royal Family or famous brands starting their businesses by taking inspiration from our lovely island, we have it all! Gumaash Creations is keeping up with the heritage by designing beautiful pearl jewellery with 100% Bahraini pearls for almost a century.

Just look at this piece of art, we’re gushing over it! From rings to necklace and bracelets, they have it all. Beautiful intricate designs and details, we can’t get enough of them!

They also make jewellery for order as in you can get a piece customised for yourself or for your loved ones for any or every occasion. Check Gumaash Creations out on Instagram, they’re located in Manama.
Contact: 1725 9570

Love everything pearls!

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