UAE Will Become 4th Nation to Visit Venus and Asteroid Belt in 2028 Mission

UAE Venus Asteroid Belt

In the UAE, a course is being set for Venus and the main asteroid belt.

UAE Space Agency announced Tuesday that a new interplanetary mission will launch in 2028. During a five-year journey, the UAE spacecraft will orbit Venus and Earth before landing in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in 2030. The probe will observe seven asteroids before landing on an asteroid 560 million km from Earth in 2033. A successful landing will make the UAE the fourth nation to land on an asteroid.

In addition to traveling 3.6 billion km during its flyby of Venus, the spacecraft will come within 109 million km of the sun. So thermal shielding will be required to protect it from intense heat. 

In another partnership with the University of Colorado, the UAE Space Agency will work with its Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. They have also been working together on the Emirates Mars Mission.

Ad Astra UAE!

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