Winter Getaway! Check Out These Kashta Nights at Marassi Beach

Marassi Beach is bringing you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wintertime and make delightful memories with your family and friends. Avail this chance to sign up for Kashta Marassi Nights for the perfect winter getaway! Enjoy the night sky or watch the sun go down with two of their time slots of 4 pm – 8 pm (Twilight) and 8.30 pm – 12.30 am (Lunar).

You have the option of choosing from two packages, the Couples package which includes 2 Adults and up to 3 kids, or the Family package which includes 8 adults and up to 4 kids. Complementary beach access and a Teapot is provided. The prices are as follows:

  • Couples (weekday): BD 19
  • Couples (weekend) BD 23
  • Family (weekend): BD 40
  • Family (weekend) BD 52

When: January 22 – March 21

Gear up and have a blast!

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