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Local x Local: Fayadh Aldoseri Talks About His Local Business & The Franchising Process

Starting a business is no easy task, and maintaining one for nearly over a decade is even more challenging. The process requires constant innovation, creativity and some REAL risks – even more so if you’re considering franchising your business.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Fayadh Aldoseri, Executive Chef & Managing Partner of Tea Club

We discussed the process of building a brand set out to franchise, and what that’s been like. Tea Club started its journey in Bahrain, franchised throughout the region and will soon branch out into the rest of the world!

Tea Club was conceptualized around the idea of franchising

Which means, it was initially opened knowing that it will branch out. There are currently 3 branches of Tea Club in Bahrain alone, and branches all around the GCC including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

Fayadh talked about how the experience at every single location in the region is finely crafted and very specific to the environment and preferences of the people of each area. This means you’re getting a tailored Tea Club experience at any branch you visit!

Fayadh also noted that one of the main reasons behind the success of Tea Club is that it’s specifically filling a gap in the market – tea is a very important part of GCC culture. While we find many coffee shops around Bahrain, we rarely find a family-friendly spot dedicated to those who just want a warm cup of tea!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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