AUBH Is Launching Two New Bachelor Programs For Super In-Demand Industries

Future mechanical engineers and computer scientists will be happy to know that the American University of Bahrain is introducing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Computer Science program!

These two degrees programs are perfect for those detail-oriented and analytical thinkers, who are looking to go into these creative sought after industries.

The great additions to the exceptional curriculums already offered at the university are part of AUBH’s vision to empower students to actualize their true potential and get real-world skills so they can succeed in future careers. The fact that this uni cares deeply on so many levels is truly amazing.

It’s safe to say AUBH is giving the perfect opportunity for future confident and professional leaders in Bahrain!

Headed by Dr. Susan E. Saxton, Founding President of AUBH, commented on the announcement saying “We are very proud to expand our academic offerings. These new degree programs offer pathways into rapidly growing sectors, both regionally and globally, and have already received significant interest from applicants.” Which is great because you can’t go wrong with an education that can be taken with you anywhere in the world.

AUBH recognizes the absolutely necessary need for students to have a complete holistic experience, which is why the attention to detail on education is carefully designed to provide the best educational experience in Bahrain!

So when you get those “good ole’ university days” memories it’ll be a sweet and prideful reminder that you chose the right uni to study at!

Enrollments are now open for the academic year 2020-21

In addition, AUBH is making it a seamless journey for prospective applicants by offering alternate English proficiency examinations as well as waived off the seat reservation fee for GCC students, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a great opportunity!

Learn more about the two new programs here

FYI, AUBH is among the first in Bahrain to welcome students back on campus in September! Click below for more info.

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