You Need to Start Trading in Stock Markets With Raseed Invest & Here’s Why

Investing in stock markets can seem quite complicated at first! If you’ve ever tried your hand at trading stocks before, you’ll know that the sheer volume of information, tips, “dos” and “don’ts” out there can be quite overwhelming! But, here’s the thing: investment opportunities are for anyone and everyone, but it’s got to be accessible! And if you ask seasoned investors, they’ll tell you that once you get the knack of it, investing is fun!!

So, if you want to start investing in the US stock market, look no further than RASEED INVEST! They’re building a community of financially empowered investors. And they have integrated unique features in their mobile trading platform designed to help you achieve success while learning how to invest! Start trading the US stock markets with just $1! Explore your favorite stocks, build your portfolio, buy fractional shares, access real-time market data, and more! Not to mention, all of this is commission-free!!

Invest Instantly using your Debit card (link your debit card for instant payment and invest at lower costs)! You can easily set up a DRIP account and automatically reinvest your dividends into stock shares every month.

Scroll below to learn more about what Raseed is all about and why you should start your investment journey with them.

6000+ stocks and 3000+ ETFs!

Invest in companies you love with as little as $1!

Raseed Halal (List of Halal stocks)

Invest in companies that employ halal practices! Your investment in these companies will also be considered Halal!

Share your progress!

Share your progress with the community, track your performance along with other investors, and enter Raseed’s monthly trading competition for a chance to win USD $1000!

Get $10 for every referral!

Invite friends and family to join Raseed and earn USD $10 for each newly approved user. New users will receive USD $15!

Raseed is available in English and Arabic

Raseed provides timely customer service in both English and Arabic!

So, get started on your investment journey with Raseed today!

Create an account, get verified, and start investing in your future!!

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