Tesla Is Recalling Around 500,000 Cars for Faulty Cameras and Hoods

Potential dangers!

Tesla, the tech giant is to recall around 500,000 cars in the US due to potential defects in the rear camera and the hood. The rear-view camera issue is being documented in 2017-2020 Model 3 Teslas while over 119,000 Model S vehicles could have an issue where the front trunk, or boot opens while driving.

It is reported that the total recall figure is almost equal to the 500,000 cars Tesla delivered last year, umm this must be quite a dip! That’s not it tho, this might be a safety issue but Tesla has also been notified by authorities to take action against the Passenger play feature which has now been blocked and will be unusable while the car is moving.

Tesla will fix the defects for free in the recalled vehicles.

Guess we’re okay with regular fuel!

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