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It’s Official: A Drive-In Cinema Is Coming To Bahrain In Just A Few Weeks

The outdoor drive-in cinema is finally happening this summer- so exciting!

Picture this: you’re in the privacy of your own car, munching on popcorn while watching a movie on a massive screen in front of you. Weekend plans sorted.

Organized by Mukta A2 Cinemas, it was announced via their official social media accounts, it’ll be the first time in a while since we’ve had a drive-in movie theatre in Bahrain. Cinemas closed down in March around the island, so it’s safe to say people are excited about this. We are ready!

The first screening will be NEXT WEEK!

Bahrain Bay has been the chosen setting for the drive-in cinema

You may be familiar with Bahrain Bay being the most recent location for the Food Festival, however it’ll be the first time an outdoor cinema happens in the area.


There have been talks of a drive-in cinema happening in the past few months

Meanwhile, in the UAE, a drive-in cinema was organized early 2020, which got residents in Bahrain wishing we had one here.

Twitters users have made a plea in recent months requesting a drive-in cinema

While some have been predicting this glorious news since 2017

Stay tuned for more deets in the next couple weeks here.

All of us in Bahrain on our way to the drive-in cinema like:


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