An Iraqi Mother Sent Out A Plea On Social Media & Dubai’s Ruler Answered

A mother’s plea for her daughter’s medical treatment has gone viral

This video has shaken the GCC with a mother’s plea to save her daughter. The 18-month-old girl, Laveen, suffers from a degenerative disease. The doctors that the family had consulted with stated that Laveen has only months to live, if she can’t continue her treatment – which is too expensive for the family to cover.

Massar Mundhar, Laveen’s mother, put out a heart-wrenching video asking Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to support her daughter’s medical treatment and expenses. Massar had said:

“The treatment is available in Dubai at Al Jalila Children’s Hospital, but we can’t afford it,” Ms Mundhar said.

Massar Mundhar

The whole video really resonated with everyone online, and HRH Sheikh Mohammed took it upon himself to cost the entire costs of Laveen’s treatment, and his response was pretty immediate, too. Everyone was touched by his gesture that will LITERALLY save Laveen’s life.

We’re wishing the family all the best

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